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Support the community and donate to funds online. Please note: the credit card fees charged by financial institutions will be deducted from the fund in which the contribution is being made. The Foundation suggests that donors elect to contribute an additional 3.9% to cover the costs charged by the financial institutions. To avoid these charges all together, we suggest contributing via check, gift of stock, or via other options. If you need assistance, email Mary Meghan Flanagan at or call 407-872-3050.

Donate To Fund

Fund Name
100 Women Strong Fund
Adam, Geraldine and John W. Eisenhauer Fund
Adult Literacy League, Inc. Fund
African American Focus Fund
Aggarwal and Gupta Family Foundation Fund
Aggarwal Family Fund
A Gift For Teaching Fund
Akerman, Senterfitt and Eidson Fund
Akroyd Foundation for Creative Education Fund
Alexander Lauder W. Adams Estate Fund
Alpha Eagle Aviation and Science Foundation Fund
Alphonse Carlo Scholarship Fund
Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association Central and North Florida Chapter, Inc. Fund
American Elasmobranch Society Fund
Andrew and Barbara McEachron Fund
Andrew Lane Scholarship Fund
Anna Houser Jillson Estate Fund
Anne L. Meyer Fund
Anonymous I Fund
Anonymous II Fund
Anthony and Marina Bland Family Foundation
Archibald G. Bush Fund
Arthritis Foundation, Florida Chapter Endowment Fund
Arthur and Georgette Ruehl Endowment Fund
Augie's Enchanted Mirror Fund
B.A. Galloway Fund
Baldwin Family Fund
Barbara C. Johnson Fund
Barbara C. Roper Fund
Barry L. Miller Foundation for Arts & Education Fund
Beatrice B. Ettinger Scholarship Fund
BellSouth Fund
Bessie Robinson Estate American Red Cross Fund
BETA Center Fund
Better Together Fund
Beverly and Glenn Paulk Fund
Bob Billingslea Fund
Boyd & Bette Sprinkle Scholarship Fund
Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida, Inc. Fund
Brede-Wilkins Scholarship Endowment Fund
Brian Buwalda Memorial Fund
Brian I Wheeler Scholarship Fund
Byron Daniel Elrod Memorial Fund
Caring for Kids Fund
Carl F. Langlas Estate Fund
Carl F. Langlas Estate Winter Park Memorial Hospital Fund
Carl F. Langlas Estate Winter Park Public Library Fund
Carl Galloway Fund
Carl Rendek Scholarship Fund
Carol Stanley Fenner Fund
Celebration Foundation Scholarship Fund
Celebration Fund
Center for Independent Living Fund
Central Florida Disaster Recovery Focus Fund
Central Florida Foundation Fund
Central Florida Regional HousingTrust Fund
Central Florida Women's Resource Center Fund
Central Florida Zoological Society Inc. - Bob and Inez Parsell
Central Florida Zoological Society, Inc. Fund
Charitable Venture Fund for East Central Florida
Charles and Karen Egerton Fund
Charles "Chuck" Gottschalk Scholarship Fund
Charles Kent and Mary Frances Leeper Fund
CHIC Health Legacy Endowment
Children and Youth Program Fund
Children's Afterschool Enrichment Fund
Christian Help Fund
Christian Service Center for Central Florida Fund
Clean the World Foundation Community Advised Fund
Clean the World Foundation Endowment Fund
Coalition for the Homeless (Coyle Estate) Fund
Coalition for the Homeless Non-Endowed Capital Reserve Fund
Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida Fund
College Access and Success Initiative
College Access and Success Initiative Endowment Fund
Colonel James H. Bear Estate Fund
Community and Social Connection Fund
Community Investment Endowment Fund
Community Service Center of Orange County, Inc. Fund
Conditional Grant Payment Fund
Conservation Florida Fund
Cornelia Meiklejohn Endowment for the Orlando Museum of Art
Crealde School of Art Endowment Fund
Cyrus F. and Emily S. Fernald Scholarship
Davis Family Scholarship Fund
Dean J. Cleavenger Charity Fund
Dean, Mead, Egerton Bloodworth, Capouano and Bozarth, P.A. Fund
DeLeon Springs State Park Fund
Deshpande Family Donor Advised Endowment Fund
Deshpande Family Donor Advised Fund
Diebel Legacy Endowment Fund
Diebel Legacy Fund
Dommerich Elementary Endowment Fund
Don and Suzy Robinson Fund
Doris M. Klie Estate Fund
Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida Fund
Downtown Arts District, Orlando Fund
Downtown Orlando Foundation Fund
Dr. Hugh F. McKean Memorial Fund
Dr. Joseph Wise Scholarship Fund
Dr. William S. Barnes Shepherd's Hope Endowment
Earl K. Wood Fund
Eccleston-Callahan Memorial Fund
Economic Stability Impact Fund
Edgewood Children's Ranch Fund
Edith Fairfax Davenport Estate Winter Park Public Library Fund
Edith S. Dorsey Estate Fund
Edna S. Hargrett Fund
Education Impact Fund
Eldon L. and Martha Herron Charitable Foundation Fund
Eldon L. and Martha H. Herron Charitable Foundation
Elinor and T.W. Miller Jr. Foundation Donor Advised Fund
Elizabeth Brothers Fund
Elizabeth Brothers Unrestricted Fund
Elizabeth H. List Estate Fund
Ellen C. Dutton Estate Fund
Ellen Davison Dietz and Jess Clay Dietz Fund
Endowment for the Cat Protection Society of Central Florida
English Scholarship
Entrepreneurs in Action
Ethel Randall Estate Fund
E.T. Little Memorial Fund
Eva M. Brinson Endowment Fund
Fallen Officers College Education Fund
Faver-Dykes State Park Fund
Festival of Orchestras Endowment Fund
First National Bank at Winter Park Fund
Flagler Community Endowed Fund
Flagler Community Fund
Flo Hutchinson Estate Fund
Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra Fund
Foard Award
Ford W. Kiene Fund
Foster Children's Fund
Foundation for Osceola Education Fund
Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools Fund
Frances and Joseph Victor Fund
Frank and Betsy Houghton Fulmer Fund
Frank Hubbard Family Fund
Frank R. Etheridge Nursing Education Fund
Frumkin Family Fund
G. Arthur Normandin Estate First Church of Christ Scientist Boston Fund
G. Arthur Normandin Estate First Church of Christ Scientist WP Fund
G. Arthur Normandin Estate Winter Park Public Library Fund
Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Center Endowment Fund
Gene and Amy Lee Fund
George and Lisa Schott Fund
George W. and Katharine R. Cushman Estate American Cancer Society Fund
George W. and Katharine R. Cushman Estate National Society for the Prevention of Blindness Fund
Germaine Bruyere Haserot Fund
Gift of the King Fund
Gill Family Scholarship Fund
Gino Nicolas Memorial Fund
Girard N. Denning Estate Fund
Girl Scouts of Citrus Council Fund
Glenda and Charles Hood Fund
Gopal and Shanthi Pai Family Fund
Grove Counseling Center, Inc. Fund
Grover "Buddy" Butler Memorial Scholarship Fund
Habitat for Humanity in Seminole County Fund
Hands On Orlando Endowment Fund
Harbor House of Central Florida Endowment Fund
Harry Lee Moore Memorial Scholaship Fund
Harvey M. Simon and Mary Simon Fund
HCF Foundation Fund
Health Care Center for the Homeless Fund
Healthcare Impact Fund
Heart of Florida United Way Endowment Fund
Heintzelman Employee Club Fund
Helen Greenspun Endowment for Holocaust Education
Helpers of People Enslaved (H.O.P.E)
Henry Jewett Greene Estate Depugh Nursing Home Fund
Henry Jewett Greene Estate Fund
Henry Jewett Greene Estate National Audubon Society Fund
Henry Jewett Greene Estate Winter Park Day Nursery Fund
Henry Jewett Greene Estate Winter Park Memorial Hospital Fund
Henry Jewett Greene Estate Winter Park Public Library Fund
Hilda, Ben and Lillian Sandquist Fund
Hipp Family Fund
Hispanic Focus Fund
Historical Society of Central Florida Fund
Holland and Knight Charitable Foundation Fund
Homeless Impact Endowment Fund
Homeless Impact Fund
Homeless Impact Fund - Family
Homeless Impact Fund - JP
Hospice of Lake and Sumter Endowment Fund
Hospice of the Comforter Compassionate Care Fund
Hospice of the Comforter - Regina Judge McMahan Fund
Housing First Florida Endowment Fund
Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute - Florida
Inez P. Shaw Estate Fund for Winter Park Memorial Hospital
In Memory of Fernando Bujones
Jacob and Holly Stuart Fund
Jacob R. Rozier, MD Rotary Scholarship Fund
Jane F. Peffers Estate Fund
J. Darrell Kelley - Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida Endowment Fund
Jenne and Boki Olden Arthritis Endowment
Jennifer Charmaine "Jiff" Miller Fund
Jennifer Fernald Link Fund
Jerry and Peggy Hilbrich Fund
J. Gordon and Susan Arkin Fund
J. K. Galloway Fund
J. Newell and Wilnetta Thayer Abrahams First Congregational Church Fund
J. Newell and Wilnetta Thayer Abrahams Hopewell Methodist Church Fund
Joe and Evelyn Cleveland Family Fund
John and Elizabeth Puerner Fund
John and Rita Lowndes Family Fund
John & Carolyn Martin Family Fund
John Lord Family Fund
John R. and Anne D. Sofarelli Endowment Fund
John Shelton Memorial Fund
John Walter Gilmore Memorial Fund
Juanita Hernandez-Black Fund
Judith Thames Meals on Wheels Fund
Julie Wolf and Greg Sahlsten Fund
Junior Achievement of Central Florida Fund
Junior League of Greater Orlando Endowment
Junior League of Greater Orlando Non-Endowed Fund
J & W Memorial Foundation
Kelly Family Cuidiu Foundation
Kenneth and Ann Hicks Murrah Endowment I
Kenneth and Ann Hicks Murrah Endowment II
Kenneth and Ann Hicks Murrah Endowment III
Kenneth and Rachel Murrah City of Winter Park Tree Fund
Kenneth H. Cisney and Thelma F. Cisney Memorial Fund
Kenneth H. Kraft Memorial Fund
Kid's Cafe Fund
Kimball Family Fund
Kiwanis Club of Orlando Foundation Donor Advised Fund
Kiwanis Club of Orlando Foundation S.F.
Kiwanis Club of Orlando Foundation S.F. 2
KPMG LLP Orlando Fund
La Amistad Foundation Endowment Fund
Lagniappe Fund
Lake Dot M.F.
Lake Louisa State Park Fund
Laura C. Arter Estate Fund
Lawrence Signorile/Myron R. Johnston Arts Endowment Fund
Legacy Foundation Fund
Legacy Soccer Foundation Fund
Legacy Trust For Orlando Children Fund
Lena Williams Estate Fund
Lena Williams Estate Rollins College Fund
Les Ginkle Scholarship Fund
Lighthouse Central Florida Endowment Fund
Lillian Kaiser Memorial Fund
Lindsey Anne Hendrix Memorial Fund
Liveability Impact Fund
MacLeod Family Fund
Malcolm and Mary Damon Clayton Foundation
Manipal Academy of Higher Education Fund
Manny and Gerry Garcia Fund
Margaret E. Kern Fund
Margaret Ewing Fund
Marie Cobb Estate Fund
Marvin and Nita Floyd Fund
Mary E. Dunn PACE Private School, Inc. Fund
Mary Reynolds Babcock Fund
Mary Smith Estate First United Methodist Church of Oviedo Fund
Mary Smith Estate Oviedo Cemetery Fund
Mary Smith Estate Oviedo Woman's Club Fund
Mary Smith Estate Rollins College Fund
Mary Smith Estate Winter Park Memorial Hospital Fund
Mary Wing Estate Fund
Mast Family Foundation Fund
Matthew and Shelley FitzGibbon Family Fund
Matthew E. Bagley Scholarship / College Park Baptist Church Fund
Maud H. Kraft Estate Winter Park Memorial Hospital Fund
Mayflower Community Foundation Endowment Fund
Mayflower Community Foundation Non-Endowed Fund
McAdam Family Fund
Mel Martinez Fund
Mental Health Association of Central Florida, Inc. Fund
Messiah Choral Society Endowment
Metu and Lee Fund
Mike Fields Memorial Scholarship Fund
Miracle Makers Foundation Fund
Murru Family Fund
Nancy O Foundation Fund
Nap Ford Community School Endowment
New Hope for Kids Endowment Fund
Newton Fund
Nina Johnston Memorial Scholarship Fund
Noel W. Bridgett Fund
OakStone Foundation Fund
Ocean Blue Foundation Fund
Operating Fund
OPO Endowment II
Orlando Ballet Fund
Orlando Gay Chorus Fund
Orlando Humane Society Fund
Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival
Orlando Opera Permanent Endowment Fund
Orlando Opera Permanent Endowment Heinz and Suze Rehfuss Memorial Fund
Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Endowment Fund
Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Germaine Haserot Endowment Fund
Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Harrison Hollander Endowment Fund
Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Stephen H. Goldman Endowment Fund
Orlando Sentinel Fund
Osceola Arts Fund
Osceola County Master Gardeners Scholarship Fund
Osceola County Medical Alliance - Elizabeth Faye Logan Memorial Scholarship Fund
Otis-Bradley Fund
Out of the Rain Fund
Pai Family Fund for Hearing Loss Fund
P. Andrew and Autumn Ames Fund
Panepinto Family Fund
Parramore Asset Stabilization Subsidy Fund
Patrick McKenna Memorial Fund
Paul and Sarah Goodman Scholarship Fund
Pauline H. Mossman Fund
Pauline H. Mossman Winter Park Fund
Paycheck Protection Program Fund
PCAN Foundation Fund
Peggy A. Thomas Charitable Remainder FLIP Unitrust
Penelope and Winton (Lt. Col. USAF Ret.) Wilson Fund
Performing Arts Fund
Pete Edward Memorial Scholarship Fund
Peter and Nancy Barr Fund
Peter Herakovich Fund
Phil Watson Fund
President's Discretionary Grantmaking Fund
Professional Advisors Network Fund
Professor Harris Estate Fund
Project GRADY-RAYAM Fund
Project Opioid Initiative Fund
Quest, Inc. Fund
Rally: The Social Enterprise Accelerator
Ralph and Jane Stonemetz Fund
Ralph E. Prouty Estate Winter Park Memorial Hospital Fund
Raymond Myers Endowment Deferred Scholarship Fund for Science or Engineering Students
Regina Pasche Fund
Restore Orlando Fund
Rex V. Stevens and Dulciza Stevens Fund
Richard R. DeVasto Scholarship Fund
Richard T. Hurt Fund
Robert J. Schmidt and E. S. Douglas Scholarship Fund
Roberts Charitable Fund
Roberts Family Fund
Robinson Estate United Way of Winter Park Fund
Rosenfelt Foundation
Rosenfelt Memorial Fund
Rossman Family Foundation Fund
Rotary Club of Winter Park Charitable Foundation Endowment
Rotary Club of Winter Park Charitable Foundation Fund
Royce B. and Eddye K. Walden Fund
Royce B. Walden and Bert E. Roper Scholarship Fund for Migrant or At-Risk Youth
R.S. Pet Friendly Fund
Ruby Homayssi Fund for Children and Education
Rusty and Lynn Carolan Fund
Ruth C. McLain Memorial Fund
Ruth H. Kimberly Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sally Abernethy Educational Fund
Sandra Osborn Legacy Fund
Sarah and Brock McClane Fund
Schmellick Family Endowment Fund
Schmellick Family Fund
Scholl Family Endowment Fund
Schoolfield Family Fund
Sean Anthony Macher Fund
Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida Fund
Seminole Action Opportunity Fund
Seniors First Foundation Fund
Seniors First In-Home Services Fund
Seniors Fund
S. Frank and Tillie B. Poole Memorial Fund
Shirley and Robert Waggoner Fund
Shreve Family Memorial Fund
Signorile - Johnston Music and Art Education Fund
Sinia Pepper Estate Florida Society for the Crippled Fund
Sinia Pepper Estate Fund
Squeem Fund
Stephanie Myers Endowment Deferred Scholarship Fund for Fine Art Students
Stephen and Joan Elker Fund
St. Richard's Episcopal Church Women Fund
Stuart C. Miller Fund
SunTrust Bank of Central Florida, N.A. Fund
Teen Court Scholarship Fund
Thaddeus and Polly Seymour Fund
The 49 Fund
The Armstrong Family Fund
The Desai Family Foundation
The J & V Shapiro Family Fund
The Kniffin Endowment Fund
The Rita P. Hutchinson Foundation Fund
Thomson/Yonfa Social and Family Enrichment Donor Advised Fund
To Be Determined Fund
Together for Puerto Rico Fund
Touch Your World
Trinity Fund
Trinity Preparatory School of Florida Fund
Tutors for Kids Endowment Fund
Tyler Rush Memorial Scholarship
UCP Memorial Foundation Fund
United Arts of Central Florida Arts Education Endowment Fund
United Arts of Central Florida Endowment Fund
Ursula Oyler Sunshine Endowment Fund
Venture Philanthropy Fund
Virginia & John Muir Memorial Scholarship Fund
Vivian Barbour Howison Estate Fund
Washington Oaks Gardens State Park Fund
Wayne and Dr. Robin Roberts Donor Advised Fund
Wekiva Conservation Fund
W.H.W.W. Orlando Science Center Fund
William B. Calkins Fund
William C. Schwartz Fund
William O. E. Henry Charitable Foundation
William & Phaedra Steele Fund
Winter Park Benefit Association Fund
Winter Park Community Foundation Endowment Fund
Winter Park High School Class of 1972 Michael Baker Inspirational Teacher Award Fund
Women in Philanthropy Administration Fund
Women's Fund
W. R. Rosenfelt Estate Fund
Yardley, England, Trimmer and Orlich Charities